Upcoming trip: Elk Falls & Fishing Along the Quinsam River

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Upcoming trip: Elk Falls & Fishing Along the Quinsam River


Our upcoming camping trip is on the books for this weekend, April 30th through May 3rd, 2021!

Elk Falls is a BC provincial park located in Campbell River.

To reserve a campsite, you need to visit DiscoverCamping.ca though I often jump to bcparks.ca first (less typing, easier to remember) and then over to DiscoverCamping from there... there are always important details on the BCParks homepage to be aware of - such as travel restrictions or fire bans!
Please do check it out before your trip.

I did this island campout last year in early August with a buddy and his kids. It's a beautiful location right along the Quinsam River. The camp sites are well-maintained, easily accessible and drive-in.
Each camp site features a hardwood table, a fire pit, and a tent pad with O-rings along its sides for tying down tarps or your tent's fly top. There are caretakers of the campgrounds who you can talk to for a bundle of wood for the fire pit.
Throughout the campground there are water taps for filling up water jugs with clean fresh water, and the bathrooms are the common pit toilets.

If you go in August, be sure to bring your fresh water fishing license, pole and tackle to catch the annual salmon run!

What's the salmon run?!
Well... the rivers in BC are well known to the locals for its salmon. Salmon live in the sea, but they always return to spawn where they themselves had hatched. During the annual salmon run, you'll see dozens and dozens of salmon in the rivers, and many locations are opened to fishing for those who have a license.

Provincial annual freshwater recreational fishing licenses are cheap (less than $50) and these days you can even buy them online. I picked mine up today for $38 after taxes.
As always, be sure to keep a copy of the Fishing Regulations Synopsis which details regulations for your region. This is published every 2 years, and the current one for Vancouver Island can be found for free by clicking this link (from the BC Government website).

Another nice thing about this area is there are cute little trails to stroll down too. These trails are easy to walk through with family and young kids. The full loop took a couple hours at a nice slow pace.

Check out some photos below from last year, or visit our Social Media links for high-res snaps & updates of our Island Campouts:

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Camp Site #42 (August 2020):





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